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Dangerous Goods

ToxBox™ - The safe choice

If you store or move dangerous goods, you need to do it safely.  The Simply Containers ToxBox range of containers has been designed specifically to contain any spillages of the cargo in the container to ensure that it does not adversely affect the user, the business and the environment as a whole.

The various safety elements of ToxBox are outlined in the brochure and include features such as a 25% sump capacity, large ventilation grills both at floor and ceiling level to enhance airflow, reducing inside temperature which minimises build up of furmes.  Internal door release mechanism for added safety, bunding along the floor and a double safety drain valve. It meets Australian Standard AS 1940-2004 so you can rest assured that it is appropriate for all flammable, hazardous and dangerous items (however it is the user’s responsibility to ensure the goods stored in these containers meet the relevant standard).

It is available in four sizes – 6’, 8’, 10’ and 20’ to minimise its footprint.


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