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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know exactly what I need?
We are very experienced in determining the best solution for you and therefore will discuss the options thoroughly with you to determine the best possible solution for your situation.

How quickly can I get a container delivered?
We can quite often deliver within 24 hours (sometimes less). Delivery time depends on available transport, the required container(s), the quantity of containers you require and any accessories or modifications you may require. Delivery details will be confirmed at the time of your booking.

What payments are required for a hire container(s)?
You are required to sign a hire contract and pay for the minimum hire period (31 days) and all transport charges prior to delivery. For rental periods greater than one month, subsequent monthly invoices will be sent to you. Payment can be made by direct debit.

How do I pay if I purchase a container?
Payment is required prior to delivery. Payment methods include bank cheque, cash, direct credit, EFT or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, Amex or Diners). Please note that there will be a surcharge if paying by credit card.

Do I need council permission?
Every council is different and has its own regulations on containers. It is recommended that you give your local council a call before making a purchase or arranging to hire a container.
Does Container Rooms have a buy back option if I purchase the container(s)
Yes, we will buy back your container, subject to market value and condition of the container at the time.

Do you offer insurance?
No, we are not an insurance company and legislation prohibits us from offering insurance. Insurance of the container and its contents are the responsibility of the hirer of the container.

Do you offer storage for my container?
Yes. In most capital cities we can offer secure storage within our depots. Charges apply for the storage and access to the container. Access is only available during normal depot working hours.

Can you modify the containers?
Yes. We can arrange for modifications such as doors, windows, ventilation, lock boxes and painting. In fact we can do most modifications. Please discuss your requirements with our sales team.

Can I modify a hired container?
You will need to discuss this with your sales representative but in most cases minor modifications may be permitted. You will be charged the cost of returning the container to its original condition when you return the container for de-hire.

Do you deliver to regional areas?
Yes we can arrange delivery to most areas.

Can I arrange my own transport?
Yes you can arrange your own transport. However please let us know the details so that we can have the container ready for you to pick up.