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 The Side Door

   January 2012


With the New Year now upon us, SCF Group would like to thank you for all your support throughout the past 12 months.

2011 has certainly been a testing year for the company as Europe’s economic crisis continues to create uncertainty among business and consumer confidence. The guessing game on what will happen to interest rates has also played a major factor in conservative spending habits, with the Reserve Bank finally cutting the cash rate last November for the first time in more than two and a half years.

With SCF’s close links to China, it is fortunate the Chinese economy has showed signs of resilience and kept at a steady pace. However we are still in a cycle of economic uncertainty as major projects such as BHP Billiton’s $30 billion expansion of the Olympic Dam uranium and copper mine awaits the final green light.

This year SCF employees have had to work considerably harder for every sale and it is a credit to our loyal customers who have stuck with us despite current economic pressures. To achieve better outcomes and ease staff workload we have heavily invested in our operating systems.

SCF Group continues to make inroads with the resources and mining sector as well as experiencing ongoing growth with general transport needs. The company has managed to secure and import another 4,000 containers from China.

We are rolling out many of SCF’s new products including the first 50 of the innovative 40 foot polymer side-door units which are now in operation. We aim to have up to 200 of the containers online by the end of 2012.

The AssetWatch product is also gaining in popularity with 100 of the GPS tracking devices currently being trialled around the country.

SCF is planning to launch an exciting new offering to our customers in 2012 which has been developed to make it even easier for you to do business with us, so stay tuned!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SCF staff for all their hard work and our clients who make the company what it is today.

Wishing you a safe and prosperous New Year and I look forward to working with you again in 2012.
Richard Sykes

SCF Group CEO 



The office has certainly been buzzing in SA as SCF Group has become the first company in Australia to specifically design a container to work with a Rotainer system with a removable lid.

SCF was ready to meet a further challenge and manufacture and deliver the unit within a 90 day time frame instead of the standard industry practice of six months.

SCF Group CEO Richard Sykes said the product had been tailor-made for Hillgrove Resources Limited to transport copper concentrate from the Kanmantoo Copper Mine to an inner harbour facility at Port Adelaide. Flinders Ports will be unloading the containers using the Rotainer system.

“The container is fully loaded on the wharf with the lid firmly in position when the tippler system lifts the unit into the hull of the ship. The lid will then be removed and the container rotated 360 degrees, before the lid is placed back on the unit,” Mr Sykes said.

“The unit’s design also reduces the environmental impact of the copper concentrate as the lid is on the container at all times except when being unloaded inside the ship’s hull. Dust suppressors are also in place to ensure there is no contamination.”

SCF Group has designed 450 of the specially designed environmentally friendly containers for Hillgrove which are 20 foot half height open top units.

“We certainly have an edge over our competitors to design and deliver a container of this calibre within a short period of time. This was only made possible due to our experienced team including sourcing the expertise of in-house engineers,” Mr Sykes said.

“There are many key features to consider when dealing with sticky products like copper concentrate including the use of special anti-corrosion non-stick paint.

“The internal hopper of the container has also been designed to reduce product hang up by using a five degree slope with no sharp corners or cross members.”

For further enquiries about SCF Group containers, please contact Business Development Manager Matthew Hancock on 0409 387 998.



Containers designed to house a reverse osmosis plant in northern WA have been manufactured at SCF Group’s Brisbane depot, a job that would normally be carried out in the company’s new overseas factory.

In August this year, SCF won a tender to provide a full solution to supplying units for the project headed up by Siemens.

SCF Group Queensland Business Development Manager Liam Cashen said the deadline was tight so the only option was to start and complete the work locally.

“This was a big job and required a lot of expertise. Our main focus was to ensure that the unit would keep the reverse osmosis plant as cool as possible. The key to this was lining the container with insulation, spraying it with heat reflective paint and installing a $40,000 air conditioning system,” Mr Cashen said.

“We also installed air conditioning recesses to keep everything within the container footprint and put in steel floor plates so pumps and other equipment could be attached,” he said.

“SCF Group was mindful that the other major factor to consider was a large number of chemicals would be stored in the containers on-site.

“In order to create a safe working environment, the solution was to include a chemical resistant floor seal and bunded flooring. PA doors with panic bars and ventilation fans were also installed.

“All up six containers were modified and the team in Brisbane did a fantastic job to deliver the product within a very short time frame.”

SCF has supplied containers for reverse osmosis plants in the past however this is the first complete solution the company has provided.

For more information on SCF Group’s product range, please contact Business Development Manager Liam Cashen on 0402 000 662.



SCF Group is continuing to offer support to the mining industry providing remote customised camp solutions and other container requirements.

More recently the company has been working closely with Ryco Hydraulics to design and manufacturer specialised workshop containers for mining sites.

WA General Manager of Container Rooms Matthew Harris said the SCF custom-built unit is designed to save on set-up costs and is suitable for both above ground and underground work.

“Ryco Hydraulics needed a complete workstation to manufacture hydraulic hoses and wanted a container which was mobile and easy to transport to various locations,” Mr Harris said.

“Security was also an important issue to consider ensuring the container could be locked up and valuables stored safely inside,” he said.

The custom-made workshop is a 20 foot container which is not only portable but built for longevity and certified to Australian safety standards.

“At SCF Group we have an in-house design team which can meet any clients’ needs and from there we then manufacture and deliver the product,” Mr Harris said.

“It’s about providing workable and cost-saving solutions for our customers. Our units are fitted out and portable which greatly reduces any set-up costs."

To discuss your custom-built container requirements, please contact WA General Manager of Container Rooms Matthew Harris on 0423 776 178


SCF Group has a fully operational workshop at its Perth depot to carry out modifications and repairs.

The depot also services as a holding yard for a high number of container rooms and specialised equipment brought in to support major onshore and offshore projects in north-west WA including Port Hedland, Karratha, Dampier and Barrow Island.

For enquiries contact SCF Group’s Perth depot on (08) 9277 56 00 or Matthew Harris on 0423 776 178 



New Face

Jamie Driscoll has recently joined the Rail Containers team as Business Development Manager. Based at SCF Group’s Sydney depot, Jamie manages the company’s Tank Containers division alongside Jessie Sommers and Matt Hancock who are based in Adelaide. 

Jamie who is highly experienced within the industry said it’s an exciting opportunity as the Tank Containers Division is an integral part of SCF Group’s business.

“Demand for tank products is at an all time high and there are numerous opportunities to not only grow the tank fleet but expand SCF as a business overall,” he said.

“SCF Group’s highly regarded product range is increasing and we are essentially a one-stop-shop especially for the mining industry providing containers, tanks and container rooms.”

To discuss your Tank Container requirements, please contact Jamie on 0423 296 468.




SCF Group has entered the market with a new design of the 48 foot end door container which aims to save time and money.

Rail Containers General Manager Jonathan Coad said a reinforced floor is the main feature of the new unit which acts as a buffer system to avoid any damage that can occur during the loading process.

“It’s an innovation which will prove to be a major cost saver to our customers as the new 48 foot container will have a longer life span,” Mr Coad said.

SCF Group has recently taken a delivery of the new units in Melbourne to meet the high level of demand for this type of container during the summer peak season.

“All of the new 48 foot units were committed to customers prior to their arrival in Australia. The first boxes were delivered directly from the wharf to Pacific National’s rail yard on Dynon Road at Footscray, where they were immediately put into service,” he said.

The Australian domestic freight industry continues to move more and more towards 48 foot boxes and away from 40 foot end door containers.

“You can move more freight using the 48 foot unit and there are no additional costs preparing the box and getting it to a terminal compared to the 40 foot container,” Mr Coad said.

“SCF Group is committed to the ongoing supply of more cost effective and innovative equipment such as the 48 foot unit to meet the demands of the Australian Rail industry.”

In 2012, SCF will continue to build and develop the 48 foot end door container, with demand for the product expected to remain at existing high levels.

If you are interested in 48 foot units or any of the product range from SCF Group Rail Containers, please contact General Manager of Rail Containers Jonathan Coad on 0414 500 775.

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